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You can come in before your trip and get your bike serviced too. We will check the tires, brakes, and oil for you.


While you're waiting, you can plan or pick out a scenic route to take your bike on; once we've tuned it up, you can hit the road!

If you want to go on a trip soon, or have already gone on a trip, you know how hard it can be to plan without help. Let our experts tune your bike up before you go and we will plan the route for you.

Sometimes you want to go for a trip but you have no idea where you want to go. Let us find a scenic route for you to take. We've got a great list of popular riding routes in the state.

Take your bike for on a road trip

Let us do the planning

Let us plan your route today.

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A one stop shop for your bike

 •  Time efficiency

 •  Planned stops

 •  Scenic routes

 •  Rest area locations

 •  Food and gas locations

 •  Emergency back up plan

 •  Track your progress

 •  Know when you'll arrive

The benefits of planning a route