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Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics

Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics

Want your motorcycle to run more efficiently? A dyno tuning could be your answer. At Stick Engineering INC, we have the high quality dyno that will allow you to get the best performance possible for your bike. When it comes to dyno tuning, we strive for perfection!

Improving Your Bike’s Performance

Stick Engineering INC can perform a dyno baseline run to determine what needs improvement on your bike. Once we've identified weak areas, we can work to make your bike better. We can improve your performance and overall run ability.

Save Money With Dyno Diagnostics

When you get your bike tuned at a dyno tuning center, you can save yourself money by improving performance for your bike.

Dyno Tracks at Stick Engineering

Our dyno tuning and diagnostics services may bring many advantages for your bike including:

  • Dyno baseline run
  • Increase fuel mileage
  • Eliminate backfiring
  • Increase horsepower
  • Increase performance
  • Aftermarket parts available
  • Fine engine tuning
  • No more misses or sputters
Stick Engineering INC

Get your dyno baseline run today!

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