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High Quality Parts for Your Bike

High Quality Parts for Your Bike

When looking to customize your motorbike, don't choose unknown brands. Brand name products offer a higher quality and have a longer life span. Come to Stick Engineering INC and get the brand names your bike deserves.

Don't Settle for Less

The best parts are usually backed by a brand name you can trust and a price tag you can agree with. Let the experts at Stick Engineering INC pick out the parts you need for you motorcycle.

While we carry most of the top brands of motorcycle parts, there are many other great brands of motorcycle parts available to choose from. Our location gives us the advantage to offer you parts from any brand you need for your bike.

Looking for a specific brand that we don’t carry?

Major Brands at Stick Engineering

  • Drag Specialties
  • Custom Chrome
  • Bikers Choice / Tucker Rocky
  • S & S
  • V-Twin
  • Dunlap
  • Michelin
  • Spectro Performance Oils
Stick Engineering INC

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